Cottages and cabins


Cottages offer cozy settings for 5–6 guests.  Two of the cottages are designed to be accessible for the disabled.
The cost is 150 €/day (950 €/week). Linen costs 25 euros/person.

Cottages consist of a den with a fireplace, bedroom and private sauna, shower, and toilet. In the cottages, you have everything you need for comfortable living: refrigerator, stove, microwave owen, coffee machine, dishes and television.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus -  Majoitus, mökit

Small "aitta" cabins

Small ”aitta” cabins offer simple and affordable accommodation for fewer guests. They are perfect for fishermen and nature enthusiasts who do not plan on spending too much time indoors.  Aitta cabins can accommodate up to 3–4 persons and are equipped with electricity, heating, refrigerator and microwave.

Cost: June–September 45 €/day, 295 €/week.  The price includes the use of shared shower and WC facilities and camper kitchens.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus -  Majoitus, aitat


Remember to read Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s info where we have gathered vital information and instructions to ensure your own safety, the well-being of nature and the peace of other nature lovers. Please make sure you’re also familiar with Everyman’s rights in Finland when you’re enjoying nature activities.


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