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The best way to start your active day is to have a sturdy, healthy breakfast at our restaurant. Or why not treat your self with carelian pasties and other freshly baked goods after outdoor activities? In the summer season we serve lunch daily. Buffet dinner is served upon request. Despite its cozy atmosphere, our restaurant is spacious enough to serve as a venue for big parties and conferences!

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At Neitikoski you can spend a truly adventorous holiday at any time of the year. Enjoy the nature, the peaceful surroundings and various activities. You can camp, hike, fish, paddle, practice white-water rafting, hunt, pick berries and mushrooms. In the winter you can practice snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, driving a snowmobile or ice-fishing. You can also organize a conference or a party with activities and services.

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Choose an accommodation in the beautiful landscape at the riverside, close to services and all kinds of nature and outdoor activities. We offer options for every need and every budget. Enjoy the comfort of our cottages along the roaming Neitikoski rapid, or choose the more affordable ”aitta” cabin. If you are a camper, take your tent to our camping site and enjoy our services. For caravans we have 30 slots with and 20 slots without electricity.

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There are 6 rapids along the 16-kilometres-long Ruunaa rapid area. Ruunaa offers you a white-water rafting experience you’ll never forget! You can ride down 4 rapids with a rubber raft or all 6 rapids with a wooden boat. From the boat you can experience the beauty and diversity of Ruunaa wilderness from a different perspective. Don’t mind the splashing water! 


Rent your private fishing heaven – Kattilakoski rapid in the heart of Ruunaa.

You can have 800 ms of Lieksanjoki river all to yourself and accommodation for up to 14 people. The accommodation consists of a cottage (for 12 people), a small cabin (for 2 people) and a separate sauna. In addition to fishermen, hunting groups have also found Kattilakoski a brilliant base for hunting trips.

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Remember to read Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s info where we have gathered vital information and instructions to ensure your own safety, the well-being of nature and the peace of other nature lovers. Please make sure you’re also familiar with Everyman’s rights in Finland when you’re enjoying nature activities.

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Ruunaa Outdoor -tapahtuma lauantaina 26.8.

Toivotamme kaikki tervetulleiksi Ruunaa Outdoor -tapahtumaan meille, Neitikoskentie 47. Tapahtuman ohjelma: KLO. 10.00 – 10.15. Tilaisuuden avaus. Lieksan Kaupunkikeskusyhdistys ry. Harri Kiiskinen. Lieksan kaupungin tervehdys. Hyvinvointijohtaja Arto Sihvonen. KLO. 10.15 Duo Clardion (Ronja Pehkonen& Minea Suhonen) lavalla. KLO. 10.30 – 15.00. Onki-, ja virtavesikalastus (Miikkulanlampi/Neitikoski) opastusta nuorille. Alle 18v kalastaminen on maksuton. Osallistuneiden kesken arvomme


Majoitu näppärästi ja kotoisasti mökissä! Mökkimajoitusta vapaana 15.-18.2.2024 Lieksassa järjestettävien Nuorten SM-hiihtojen ajalle. Lieksaan meiltä tulee matkaa noin 30 kilometriä. Varaukset puh. 040 579 5684 tai 11.7.2023

Vapapäivä Ruunaalla 10.6.

Vapapäivänä Metsähallitus avaa yli 30 kalastuskohdetta lapsille ja nuorille. Joillakin kohteilla on paikalla Suomen Vapaa-ajankalastajien (SVK) ohjaajia kello 10–15. Ruunaalla kohteita on kaksi: Neitikoski ja Miikkulanlampi. Opastetuilla kohteilla kalastaminen on ilmaista kaikille alle 18-vuotiaille kello 10–15. Tapahtumaan ei tarvitse ilmoittautua etukäteen, vaan paikan päällä ilmoittaudutaan SVK:n ohjaajalle, jolta saatu rintamerkki toimii kalastuslupana. Ohjaajat tarjoavat neuvoja ja


Ruunaa Outdoor Centre (Ruunaan retkeilykeskus) is situated in the center of  Ruunaa recreational area in Lieksa, in the Eastern Finland, close to the Russian border. It lies right next to Neitikoski rapid.

The beautiful Ruunaa rapid area is amazing for many kind of nature activities in all seasons. The outdoor centre offers accommodation for different needs, rental equipment, food and drinks and guided tours. The site is also excellent for conferences and parties.

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