This is Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s  privacy policy description in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99).


Ruunaa Outdoor Centre
Neitikoskentie 47
81750 Pankakoski
Finland, Europe
puh. +358 13 533 170


Jari Ihalainen
Neitikoskentie 47
81750 Pankakoski

Finland, Europe
puh. +358 400 314 525


The marketing register of Ruunaa Outdoor Centre, consisting of company names and contact persons.

Purpose of processing personal data Targeting Ruunaa Outdoor Centre advertising and/or direct marketing on the basis of customer data Analysis and profiling of customer data


The data file may contain the following information:

Email address
Mobile phone
Company and job title
Company address information
Information on newsletter readership and website behaviour
Analysis and profiling
Data on contact requests and offers


The data file contains information from Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s newsletter subscriber system and from any publicly available databases or sources on the internet.


In the process of using the data, some of the personal data collected may be transferred to countries outside EU or ETA. In those cases the controller will protect the information as described in this privacy policy and will comply with applicable legal requirements. The controller will not disclose any personal data to third parties.


Based on the Personal Data Act 26 §, users have the right to check what kind of personal data has been collected. The request has to be made in written format and it must be sent to contact person mentioned on this policy. One request per year per user can be processed without any costs.

In addition, based on the Personal Data Act 29 §, user has the right to request for modification or removal of any incorrect or outdated personal data. Written request for modifying the data has to be sent to contact person mentioned on this policy.

Our Customer Service will answer any questions and feedback related to the data file within two weekdays.


Ruunaa Outdoor Centre will delete personal data at the Client’s request or due to the end of newsletter subscription.


All personal data will remain confidential. Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s data network and equipment where the file is are protected by the firewall and other required security systems.


The Client has the right to prohibit disclosure and handling of its data for direct marketing and other promotional purposes.


This website uses the Google Analytics tool for visitor tracking provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter Google). The analytics tool’s JavaScript code will be run every time the page is loaded. Google Analytics uses a series of cookies to identify visitors that are small text files stored by the browser on your computer. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers, for example, in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of compiling reports on website activity that are used to compile visitor statistics and improve service.

The cookies collect visitor information in an anonymous form. Users may disable cookies by selecting Disable cookies on their browser settings. In such a case, users cannot necessarily use all features and functionalities of the website. By using this website, users agree to the data collected by Google for the abovementioned purposes.

In addition to the abovementioned web analytics tool, other such tools for visitor tracking can be in use at . The usage of such tools is not typically continual and in many cases they are used to test the tools for Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s other needs rather than utilising the tools for actually analysing those visiting at

The tools may store more detailed information on visitors than Google Analytics mentioned above. Basically, the tool does not, however, store, for example, information that identifies the users’ name. The tools can be used, for example, to deliver personalised content or detect mouse movements at, in accordance with the defined rules of behaviour.

Google Analytics also collects data on the interests of visitors on the basis of what websites the visitor’s browser has visited in the Google Display Network and, on the basis of this data, evaluates the visitor’s demographic data. Google Analytics only collects data anonymously on the assumed interests of visitor groups and the assumed demographic data on visitor groups. No data on the visited websites and individual visitors will be collected.

On request, we will provide more detailed information on the tools that are used at any given time and the data they store. It is also possible to identify the majority of the tools from the source code of

More information on Google Analytics website tracking is available on Google’s Privacy Policy website. You can disable Google Analytics website tracking at

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