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Ruunaa rapid area (length 16 km) offers many amazing spots for fishermen. Ruunaa rapids are the natural habitats for brown trout, grayling, pike, European whitefish, zander (pike-perch),  European perch and fresh water salmon. Brown trout and rainbow trout are regularly planted in the waters throughout the fishing season.  You can have your catch smoked or plank cooked at site. If you want to fish in peace, you can rent Kattilakoski rapid to your private use. See Kattilakoski.

There’s a designated spot where children can angle. Ice fishing is also possible. 

You have to release: all trouts with their adipose fin untouched, trouts without their adipose fin under 40 cms, graylings under 40 cms, European whitefish under 40 cms. There are no size restrictions for rainbow trout.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus melonta

Canoeing and rowing

Finland’s best extreme paddlers (rodeopaddlers) practice in Neitikoski rapid. Neitikoski is in the middle of the whitewater area and famous for its ”stopper” where whitewater paddlers show their skills on daily basis. It’s an activity worth seeing even if you wouldn’t dare to try it yourself! 

There are a lot of paddling and canoeing trails and rapids for different levels of paddlers. For instance, you can begin your canoeing expedition from the Finnish-Russian border. If you  are looking for a several day canoeing expedition, we can arrange a transportation to the upstream. You can also rent a canoe or a rowboat from us and go round the water trails in nearby lake areas. The trails are approximately 5 and 15 kms long and along the trails, there are info boards that can teach you a lot about the nature, fauna, flora, fish of the region and the history of Lieksajoki river.  

Fishing permits for Ruunaa

Fishing permits for Ruunaa rapids can be bought from us at the site or from  erä -webstore.

Prices: 12 € / 3h, 18 € / 24 h, 90 € /week,
250 € / season.  Discount for under 18-year-olds: -50%. Family permit is double the price.

For under 15-year-olds who fish on their own you can get a one week free fishing permit from eräluvat-webstore.

Buy or rent your gear

We sell: fishing gear, permits for Ruunaa, camping and hiking gear, outdoor clothes and shoes, packed food for hikes and drinks to celebrate a catch. 

We rent: fishing gear, boats (14), canoes (8), fatbikes.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus - Aktiviteetit

White-water rafting

Ruunaa rapid area is 16 kms long and consists of 6 rapids. Paasikoski and Haapavitja rapids are situated above and Neitikoski, Kattilakoski, Murrookoski and Siikakoski are situated below.

Ruunaa offers you a white-water rafting experience you’ll never forget! You can ride down 4 rapids (8 kms, appr. 1,5 h or 3 h with ) with a rubber raft or all 6 rapids (31 kms, appr. 1,5 h) with a wooden boat. From the boat you can experience the beauty and diversity of Ruunaa wilderness from a different perspective. Don’t mind the splashing water… With a lunch in the wilderness, the rafting trip takes about 3 hours.

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Nature trails

Ruunaa area includes 50 kms of clearly marked hiking trails. These trails are connected to the famous Karhunpolku trail (”Bear’s trail”), a week’s hike in North-Carelia (Patvinsuo-Ruunaa-Kuhmo, 143 kms). There are over 30 campfire places and laavus (traditional Finnish lean-tos you can use to rest or sleep temporarily during hike) in the Ruunaa hiking area. Most of the fireplaces are equipped with firewood. Cook your coffee or your sausages in the fireplace and enjoy tranquillity of the nature and the river that flows nearby.

You can buy camping and hiking gear, outdoor clothes and shoes, packed food and drinks (alcoholic an non-alcoholic) from us.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus kesä aktiviteetit pyöräily


If you prefer biking instead of hiking, there are various trails you can ride with a mountain bike!

You can explore the landscape from Finland’s hiking map:

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus aktiviteetit fatbiking


Fatbike is a mountain bike with big, wide tyres.The tires are designed to work with low air pressure which makes it easy to ride off-road, on snow or sand, even on swamp or wet soil. You can rent a Pole fatbike from us and feel the comfort of  fatbiking yourself! Prices: 20 €/h, 40 €/5h, 70€/vrk.


Remember to read Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s info where we have gathered vital information and instructions to ensure your own safety, the well-being of nature and the peace of other nature lovers. Please make sure you’re also familiar with Everyman’s rights in Finland when you’re enjoying nature activities.


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