1. The customer can cancel one-day the reservation without charge up until 6 pm on the day prior to the arrival date. If the customer fails to arrive, the accommodation company has the right to charge him/her for one night’s accommodation. 

A reservation for several nights can be canceled without charge up until 14 days prior to the day of arrival. If the reservation is canceled later, the customer may be charged 50 % of the value of the reservation for the nights that cannot be sold to someone else. If the customer cancels a long-term stay reservation less than two days prior to the day of arrival and the reservation and the room cannot be sold to someone else, the customer will be charged for the entire value of the reservation.

2. Linen or sleeping bags are necessary. Customer can bring their own linen or rent those from the reception 20 €/set.

3. Check-in at 14.00 (2 p.m) or later.

4. Check-out by 12.00 (12 p.m). If you need later check-out please ask the possibility from reception.

5. If customer check’s out later than 12.00 (12 p.m) without permission Ruunaa Outdoor Center has right to collect 20 €/starting hour for the late check-out.

6. The key has to be returned during the opening hours to the reception. If you are leaving before the reception opens please inform the Ruunaa Outdoor Center staff.

7. When you are checking out remember: cabins and cottages have to be as same condition as checking in (dishes washed, trash cans are empty, cottage looks tidy). If the cottage or cabin is untidy Ruunaa Outdoor Center has right to collect 50 € for cleaning fee.

8. Lacks and errors have to be informed to the reception immediately.

9. Small cabins are meant to accommodate 3-4 persons. If there are more residents customer has to pay the extra bed fee 10 €/night.

10. Big cottages accommodate max. 6. If there are more persons accommodating customer has to pay extra bed fee 30 €/night.

11. If customer or their pets/guests intentionally affects decomposition to the property of the owner customer is responsible for it to Ruunaa Outdoor Center.


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