Ruunaan retkeilykeskus - Majoitus


Rent a comfortable cottage with common necessities near the beautiful riverside of Ruunaa.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus - Majoitus

Small "aitta" cabins

“Aittas” are small but practical cabins with affordable prices. Perfect for fishermen, hikers and other outdoor lovers.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus majoitus

Staying in a tent

Relax in your tent and enjoy our beautiful camping site with services like bathroom and the camper kitchen.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus - Majoitus

Caravans and campers

Our caravan site offers lots both with and without electricity, camping services and breathtaking scenery.

Ruunaan retkeilykeskus - Majoitus


Remember to read Ruunaa Outdoor Centre’s info where we have gathered vital information and instructions to ensure your own safety, the well-being of nature and the peace of other nature lovers. Please make sure you’re also familiar with Everyman’s rights in Finland when you’re enjoying nature activities.



Sauna for campers!

From June our guests who have booked a tent plot or a caravan site can enjoy a free public sauna. Women’s sauna Mon, Wed, Sat 15:00–16:00Men’s sauna: Mon, Wed, Sat 16:00–17:00

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